JKW Consulting

JKW connects philanthropic strategy with partner implementation through an emphasis on peer, project and organizational learning to accelerate impact. Our major service areas include philanthropic strategy design and iteration, intermediary and project management services; individual project-level planning and analysis; group/network management and facilitation; and initiative and proposal development services to clients in the philanthropic and non-profit sectors. 

JKW is highly skilled at working across multiple partners to translate complex programs and problems into actionable steps for improvement and learning. We often work at the intersection of strategy and implementation/operations – with the understanding that one is only as good as the other, and that nuance matters for success in both. We are an intentionally small and nimble organization with vast connections that allow us to build out specialized project teams tailored to specific client needs. 

Among JKW’s most recent work has been as the lead learning and management intermediary connecting key partners within the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation’s postsecondary strategy to advance quality and equity in designing and delivering higher education institutional transformation support. 

JKW’s Principal Consultant, Jill Wohlford, brings over 20 years experience working in or with national philanthropic organizations to improve equitable outcomes in higher education.  JKW participates in the Higher Ed Equity Network in order to learn more about how we as an organization can contribute further to advancing equitable outcomes for students. Our work within the Network is focused mostly on equity in Institutional Transformation and in connecting learning across Network partners.

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